One Eleven Food Hall project is an idea born to bring south side food business into a larger market and harness the resources of a single shared space. This project is designed to be a bridge for entrepreneurs wanting to open their restaurants or start a larger scale food business without the burden of huge overhead expenses. Here they will test their products and work out their systems all while being provided business development support. Our goal is to get them ready for their own four wall brick and mortar with all the tools necessary for success.


We’ve curated a select few southside food producers that we know you are going to love. Designed to provide the food hall customers with unique and wide variety of options to keep you coming back and supporting these hard working entreprenuers. These chefs and business owners have been working diligently to grow their business and bring their products to the market. Each of the food vendors bring something that we know you want to come back for again and again.


Majani provides delicious vegan cuisine to food enthusiasts and health-conscious patrons in Chicagoland by using fresh ingredients from local gardens and farms.

Mon – Sat | 11am-8pm  /  Sun | 11-5


Bake shop with sweet and savory offerings including muffins, cookies, and our famous red velvet brownie.  Full service cafe serving coffee, tea and espresso.

M-F  8am-6pm   /   Sat  9am-4pm  /  Sun 12-4pm



Tsadakeeyah Ben Emmanuel has been a vegan for 36 years, and a self-taught vegan chef for 25. He grew up on 40 acres in northern Wisconsin. His passion for cooking began by watching his father cook for his 16 children. He turned his passion into a profession in 1989 at Soul Vegetarian Restaurant in Atlanta and Chicago where he was the Executive Chef for 7 years. While leading Soul Vegetarian Atlanta, the restaurant was named Best Vegetarian Restaurant by the Atlanta Journal & Constitution. After transferring to Chicago he elevated Soul Vegetarian Restaurant Chicago and was featured in Vegetarian Times Magazine.

In 2013 he and his wife rebranded and created Majani Inc. ( Majani is a Swahili word that means “green”) which provides high quality, vegan, catering for Chicagoland. In May 2017 Chef Tsadakeeyah formally and successfully launched Majani Restaurant. Majani features a living awning, tables, doors, and ceilings all made from reclaimed / reused materials.



Rachel Bernier-Green is the owner and head baker at ‘Laine’s Bake Shop, LLC. Rachel grew up creating delicious treats in the kitchen with her mother and grandmother and always dreamed of turning her passion into a business. She was a serial entrepreneur but one of her firstbusinesses was selling her baked goods at a stand in her grandmother’s yard. Over the years, Rachelcontinued to hone her craft even as she pursued a career in the intense field of public accounting.
In April, 2013 Rachel decided to finally pursue her dream by creating ‘Laine’s Bake Shop, an online bakery catering company. ‘Laine’s Bake Shop was founded to create delicious, scratch made treats with a focus on creativity, honest ingredients, and unparalleled customer service. In the 5 years that ‘Laine’shas been in operation, they have had the pleasure to ship their creations nationwide and supply corporate clients including the Obama Foundation, Google, and McDonalds. ‘Laine’s now supplies products to Whole Food Market stores throughout the midwest and select Chicago Starbucks stores. ‘Laine’s is opening a retail location in Pullman in the fall of 2018 and is building out a production facility in the Woodlawn neighborhood.


Trippy and mesmerizing. Edo (Eddie Santana White) creates a puzzle with a bunch of tiny images to create an even bigger picture. Each symbol and image evokes a certain emotion, “from pain to joy.” Edo looks to make a connection with each viewer as every one of his pieces speaks to something he has dealt with. His art is an escape into a free world. This is the reason why Edo creates, he can say whatever he’s feeling. What enables you to create?

One Eleven Events

Bringing Us Together

One Eleven is proud to bring in local businesses into our space to help expose them to a new audience.  Check out these events and make our community grow together.


This project is truly a Pullman project. Spearheaded by Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives, a not for profit development organization revitalizing historic Pullman, and professionals who live right here in Pullman houses. The project is overseen by resident James Gray and his hospitality consulting firm Calibrate Coaching, the design done by designer, resident Russell Baltes, with architectural work done by resident Ann Alspaugh of aMa-Architecture and DXU Architects.


Winter Hours

Mon-Sat: 11am-8pm
Sun: 11am-5pm
Mon-Friday: 8am-6pm
Sat: 9am-4pm
Sun: noon-4pm

756 E 111th St, Chicago, IL 60628


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